“The Urban Pop Diva” (English interview to Eliza G)


La scorsa settimana ho pubblicato l’intervista all’artista Elisa Gaiotto, in arte Eliza G (https://passionfor.music.blog/2020/02/17/the-urban-pop-diva-intervista-ad-eliza-g/). Dato il suo enorme successo riscontrato all’estero, ho pensato di rendere quest’intervista più “internazionale”: ho deciso, infatti, di tradurla in inglese, considerata ormai la lingua “mainstream” per eccellenza. Inoltre, con questa scusa faccio l’utile e il dilettevole, dato che studio lingue!

Detto ciò, vi lascio all’articolo. Buona lettura!


Hello everybody!

I’m Adry Pitty and this is my blog, in which I write about my passion for music. I also love talking with artists who live of music, my first love.

In this article you find my interview to Eliza G, an Italian singer and a very famous artist abroad.

Hope you like it!

Hi! Tell us who you are!

Hello everybody! I’m Elisa Gaiotto (my stage name is Eliza G).  My career as a solo singer has started ten years ago with Roberto Zanetti, a fantastic music producer (he also co-operated with Alexia and Corona). Thanks to my hard but wonderful work I had the opportunity to travel around the world, from Brazil to Switzerland, England, as far as Spain. I started making pop- dance music, but when I was 14 I had already begun to be in touch with all the music genres. I took part of a band making rock, acoustic, funky music. In short, I liked (and I still like) trying to “play the game”! The pop-dance way brought me out of Italy, and made me become famous abroad. But this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my actual manager Saint Paul.

This year my last album, Ninety, has been put out (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuDXMg7ukIw&list=OLAK5uy_lTAG3XN4GhuFbPfbs2L-SIshCWilx6ikk). I was lucky to present it during my concerts in different countries, as Brazil!

It’s something crazy! Now, tell me about your songs. With “Summer Lie” (2009) and “Love is unbound” (2011) you have been at the top of the international ranking. Moreover, in 2012 we have “My love is love” (by Giancarlo Bigazzi, a very famous songwriter, music producer and lyricist), in 2013 “The way”, produced by David Guetta. What did you feel when you realized you would have cooperate with those “big” (important) artists?

So, as regards “The way”, I didn’t directly cooperate with David Guetta, due to the fact that his recording studio stands in Paris. It was a very successful song, with 10.000 pre-sale copies sold. Although that, I’m really disappointed, because it often happens that an Italian singer has to go away from his/her country to become famous. Expecially my first single tracks told me the opportunity to go to the South of America. Here I attended to different important festivals, I worked together with different radios and local tv programs. I “dived into” a very different world, which has been erased when I went back to Italy, where I sang in front of 50/100 people into clubs and pubs with my band (naturally I am always thankful to life to do what I love, even for few people).

And this is the weak point of the Italian music. Italy often focuses on the international music, not giving any importance to its culture, crossing out any form of patriotism.

This is an absurd contradiction, because Italy is the country “par excellence” of the culture and the arts.

Italian people have lost positivity. This because there are very few possibilities to make music and live for it; moreover, this opportunity is given to “pre-chosen” people. I repeat, I’m very grateful to make this work, but it’s also true that we have to make the truth at the first place: why living of illusions, fantasy?

We are afraid to say: “I’m Italian!”. Why? When people discovered I was Italian, their eyes have become shiny!

Very probably this is caused by the widespread ignorance throughout the Italian people. If we don’t know our origins, our culture, we can’t appreciate them; on the contrary, we’ll always be afraid. If we only learnt  to speak less and hear more, we would understand how to open our mind to foreign culture without being frightened.

Absolutely yes! It’s an endless cultural giving and receiving. Moreover, knowing other cultures, you can learn to appreciate more yours!

As you have just said, sometimes  Italian people are wiseacres, so critical towards others and too little towards them. Italian people (I’m generalizing) tend to put their enemies in trouble. On the contrary, the collaboration in the other countries is awesome!

When I attended to the “Cerbul de Aur” festival, the third most important event in Europe after the Eurovision (which I had the luck to win),  there was a very friendly atmosphere between us. We were as a family!

In Latin America you are called the “Urban Pop Diva”. Although that, you decided to go back to Italy to attend to “The voice of Italy”. You had the opportunity to grow up artistically thanks to the help of the coach Gigi D’Alessio, a really professional singer.

Of course! Well, first I have to tell you that I didn’t know if it was better not to make this experience. I was afraid to make some mistakes and ruin all the work I had done in all those years. I attended to the Blind Auditions, and all the four judges turned themselves towards me! (Video of the whole exhibition:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w1-lXx8bRE). I was so happy, especially that Gigi had turned! I have always thought he was a very cheerful and purposeful person; my expectations became reality! He was always available for advices, and he saw all my practices for the show. For me, this was the sense of The Voice! This is my fondest memory of the Tv program!

You are a very humble person, you never settle for what you have learnt, but you have a lot of thirst for knowledge!

In life you’lle never stop learning! It’s a non-stop growth, and this can be applied for any kind of work!

Tell me another thing (just curious!): there has been somebody who told you to start this “journey”, or you have always been independent and headstrong to be able to make this all alone?

Well, I start saying that, in contrast with a lot of artists, my family there is nobody playing any instrument or singing. When I was 8, a friends’ daughter played piano, so I decided to tell my parents to attend to a piano course. For a few years I studied classic music. When I was 13-14, I understood I wanted to make something different. For this reason I decided to make part of the band of the high school, and it was in this situation that I started singing, due to the fact there wasn’t any singer. My first song was “Animal instinct”, by Cranberries (1998): in that moment my crazy adventure began. I was the only girl, so they treated me as a boy: I loaded the equipment up and down, I learnt how to install the amplification.

My parents have never realized how my passion was born: maybe my grandpa “gave” me this talent (he played the trump in the town band (it was his passion, not his work). Although that, my parents have always support me, and I will always be grateful to them for that!

Not everybody has this luck! The last question: your dream-feature and your next projects (little spoiler!).

I really listen to all kinds of music, so I don’t have a real favorite singer with whom I would like to sing. If I have to mention an international artist, I adore Lady Gaga, so she would be my first choice. As Italian artists, I have “old-school” tastes: I like so much Nek and Negramaro, so I would prefer to make rock music!

As regards the next projects, I can tell you that I will be in different Tv shows. I’m working to different things that have to be top secret until they won’t be certain, but I can tell you I have a lot of things on my plate!  

Perfect! So we’ll follow your social profiles to discover what you’re hiding! I know you’re really busy, so I really thank you for this interview and for time spent for me!

It was my pleasure! You have been so cute! Bye!


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