What we’ve got (Interview to Stefan Alexander)

Hi! Tell everybody who you are and what you do!

Im Stefan Alexander, a queer pop singer-songwriter based in New York City.

When and how did you discover this strong love for music?

Ive been making music since I was a little kid. I started off playing cello and piano when I was 6 years old, then picked up guitar at 12 and Ive always been a singer. Music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. My parents used to take my sister and I to folk festivals every summer. Wed see live music all day long and sleep in a tent. Those experiences were very formative for me as an artist.

Is there a precise artist from whom you take inspiration?

I have a wide variety of inspirations, everyone from Sufjan Stevens to Billie Holiday to Carole King to Kaytranada, as well as other musicians from around the world. Its really important for me to look back towards music throughout history, understanding the lineage of different sounds and styles. Ive always believed that I can learn the most about songwriting from the songs that have stood the test of time.

Is pop the only kind of music in which you feel comfortable?

I’m mainly a pop musician, but I also sometimes write folk and jazz songs. I try not to control my creative flow too much and just let it happen.

In 2016 Skeleton was released. It is one of the tracks of Thunderclap EP and your first work. What is the focus of this song? What kind of message did you want to give thanks to it?

The song is about a friendship I had that broke down in a very painful way. For the song, I rounded the friendship up to a romantic relationship and thought about how debilitating that kind of grief can be, when a person falls out of your life so suddenly.

“Photograph”, “Cry Again” and “What We’ve Got” are your last songs. Can you “perceive” some stylistic and musical differences if comparing them with your first works?

I actually wrote most of the songs on Thunderclap EP and Cry EP at the same time, but decided to release them separately. As a result, I think those songs all come from a similar place. What Weve Got is my newest song and one I wrote recently during the pandemic. Im heavily influenced by the world around me, so this time were living through has dramatically changed the topics Im writing about. Im looking forward to releasing more of the songs Im writing at the moment, hopefully in the near future.

As you have just said, during these months the whole world is living a very difficult moment. Our lives are based on instability and uncertainty. Although that, do you think of any featurings with some specific singers as your next project?

I’m trying to use this time to write as much as possible and to stay as creative as I can. I want to be ready to hit the road as soon as it’s safe to perform again, with lots of new songs to share. Currently, I’m also working with a bunch of different producers, collaborating remotely on new songs, some of which will be coming out soon.

Thank you for your willingness in taking part of my project. I really appreciate it!

Thanks for the great interview!




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